This is IT SPY! (IT Student Project of the Year)

An elite IT competition, evaluating diploma projects of university students.


diploma theses


participating universities






Professional recognition and €2,000 for project development.

The main reason to enter the IT SPY competition is to win the prestigious title of finalist. All finalists will receive small gifts from Profinit, a certificate of participation in the final round of the competition, and a presentation of their work in the Gallery of the best on the competition website.

Thanks to IT SPY, successful students often find themselves on the radar of world-renowned technology and IT companies. In previous years, many exceptional works were entered in the competition, the architects of which today hold important professional positions in the corporate sphere as well as in academia, where they devote themselves to scientific work or are establishing or running their own startups.


IT SPY 2024 Grand Prize

The IT SPY 2024 Grand Prize winner will receive an award of € 2,000 from Profinit, which they can use, for example, for further development of their diploma project. The supervisor of the winning work receives € 200, as a thank you for the good preparation of their student.

Magenta Award for Excellence in IT

The main partner of IT SPY, T-mobile, decided to award this prize for excellent work in the field of IT based on its own criteria. The winner receives MacBook Air 13.

Raiffeisenbank AI Prize

The main partner of the IT SPY competition, the company Raiffeisenbank, decided to award this prize to work with a unique basic idea, taking into account its applicability in the financial sector and its social contribution. The winner will receive the latest iPhone model.

The GOPAS prize for the top three finalists 

The top three finalists will receive a CZK 1,000 voucher for the training of their choice, from GOPAS.

Public’s Choice Award

The Public’s Choice prize is awarded to one of the competition finalists based on a public vote on the competition website. The winner will receive Apple AirPods.


Only a thesis that has been successfully defended in the current academic year can be entered into the competition (no later than 13 September 2024).

The faculty will nominate up to 10 best theses that meet the required requirements, and the number of nominated theses must not exceed 10% of all second degree graduates in computer science and information technology.

Dates 2024

3, 2, 1,… start!

Submission of theses

Application deadline

Who are the finalists?

End of online voting

The award ceremony

Panel members

doc. Ing. Martin Tomášek, PhD.

doc. Ing. Martin Tomášek, PhD.

Chair of the Panel

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

prof. Ing. Mária Bieliková, PhD.

prof. Ing. Mária Bieliková, PhD.

Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies, Slovakia ACM Chapter

Ing. Dušan Chlapek, Ph.D.

prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D.

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information technology, Faculty of Information Technology

Ing. Dušan Chlapek, Ph.D.

Ing. Dušan Chlapek, Ph.D.

Prague University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Fakulta informatiky a statistiky

doc. Ing. Pavel Herout, Ph.D.

doc. Ing. Pavel Herout, Ph.D.

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Faculty of Applied Sciences

doc. RNDr. Jozef Jirásek, PhD.

doc. RNDr. Jozef Jirásek, PhD.

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Faculty of Science

Ing. Radek Kočí, PhD.

Ing. Radek Kočí, PhD.

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology

doc. Ing. Michal Koháni, PhD.

doc. Ing. Michal Koháni, PhD.

University of Žilina, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics

Ing. Božena Mannová, PhD.

Ing. Božena Mannová, PhD.

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

RNDr. Radek Ošlejšek, Ph.D.

RNDr. Radek Ošlejšek, Ph.D.

Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Informatics

doc. Dr. Tomáš Plachetka

doc. Dr. Tomáš Plachetka

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný , CSc.

prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný , CSc.

Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

doc. Ing. Karel Richta, PhD.

doc. Ing. Karel Richta, PhD.

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

doc. RNDr. Petr Šaloun, Ph.D.

doc. RNDr. Petr Šaloun, Ph.D.

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

doc. Ing. Jiří Vokřínek, Ph.D.

doc. Ing. Jiří Vokřínek, Ph.D.

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Martin Mareš

Mgr. Martin Mareš

Profinit EU, s.r.o.

Martin Závrbský

Mgr. Martin Závrbský

Profinit EU, s.r.o.

Ing. Bohumír Zoubek, PhD.

Ing. Bohumír Zoubek, PhD.

RNDr. Ondřej Zýka

RNDr. Ondřej Zýka

Evaluation of theses

Several dozens of panel members from Czech and Slovak universities and the leading Czech IT company Profinit participate in evaluation of theses.
Evaluation is in particular focused on the following:

The research aspect

Whether the thesis offers new methods, models and algorithms or whether it improves existing ones

The aspect of evaluation of the solution

Verifies the created solution (usually an experimental one) – a superb thesis should include proof of the proposed solution

The implementation aspect

It implements the existing methods, models and algorithms or improves their implementation

The research aspect

The student is aware of the existing solution for the given issued – a necessary condition for a superb thesis