ITSPY Hlasuj a sleduj

an online award ceremony!

15TH DECEMBER 2020 at 2 PM

2. 5. 2020
3, 2, 1,… start!
15. 9. 2020
Application deadline
7. 11. 2020
Who are the finalists?
10. 12. 2020
Diploma theses presentation and evaluation
15. 12. 2020 at 2 PM
Award ceremony – watch live here


Would you like to see the finals and the award ceremony of the IT SPY competition?

Final results

The absolute winner of the IT SPY 2017 competition is …

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Success stories of competitors

Successful IT SPY students currently hold important specialist positions both in the corporate sector and also in the world of academia, where they are engaged in scientific work or are establishing their own start-ups.

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