PROFINIT has been a major player in the field of application outsourcing and information management since 1998. We successfully supply solutions in particular in the field of custom software development, data warehouses and business intelligence to customers in Europe and the USA.



We design and produce systems for smart and clean cars.

We are there in your car even if you cannot see us. Comfortable and safe driving is in our genes. We help drivers to avoid stressful situations with our automated parking system, by avoiding collisions with our autonomous emergency braking or by ensuring safe takeover with our blind-spot warning system. With us you can always keep cool: we are also specialists in air conditioning.

In the Czech Republic we have production plants in Humpolec, Žebrák, Podbořany and Rakovník. One of our most advanced research and development centers is in Prague and we also operate a test track facility in Milovice. We employ 4,500 people in the country. Worldwide we have 185 production sites, 56 R&D centers and 115,000 employees in 33 countries. We invest over 12% of our sales into research and development.



IT SPY 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.



IT SPY 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of industry and trade.



IT SPY 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport.



IT SPY 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.




TOP 1 Czech online portal referring about startups, online business, events and social networks established in 2009. An important medium for everyone who thinks seriously about doing business.




The Idea of the Year competition for business plans is organised by Podpora rozvoje podnikání s.r.o. The mission of the competition is to spread and develop the entrepreneurial thinking and activity of students and the general public and to make their first steps in their independent business easier.

The competition for business plans and new entrepreneurs is intended for individuals and teams with an entrepreneurial spirit and good ideas. Any business plan can be registered, any idea for expansion of a company or project for investors which has not yet been implemented or which is just starting up (companies in the first two years of their existence). The aim is to help new entrepreneurs to place their ideas on the market, this being in the form of investment of up to 10 million crowns, professional feedback or provision of media coverage.

Evaluation criteria are project feasibility, potential for further growth, originality of the project, quality of elaboration and the character of the entrepreneur himself or herself.




The IT Systems magazine has been published for 18 years now and is in particular of interest to IT managers who need information about the current offer and trends in the field of business applications and solutions. It also helps IT professionals to effectively manage their IT in line with business requirements. Regular publication of the IT Systems monthly is complemented by specialised supplements focused on selected topics (ERP, BI, cloud or security) or specific sectors (manufacturing or the public sector).




The Studenta is the most frequent student magazine. It offers about 80 pages of interesting articles focused on actual topics, career tips and opportunities for students and graduates. You can get it is avalible for free in your university or online at where you can also find an additional content.




SAMURAI SHOT is a premium brand of natural energy drinks made of teas and herbs. The effect of this drink on human organism is based on theine, contained in the strong tea extract. You will feel the effects as soon as you have drunk the first shot. The strongest effect will be produced on your stomach, speeding up digestion and metabolism. It stimulates brain activity, increasing concentration when working, driving a car or learning. It is excellent for increasing low blood pressure, without aggressive effect on the heart. Made in Czech Republic.